Our Services

Ammonia Free Hair Color

Our hair colors are free from ammonia, p-phenylenedines, heavy metals, parabens, paraffins, silicones and formaldehydes. Italy, Germany, England and Australia are home to the companies that provide us with our colors. These products are gentle on the scalp and are great for anyone with sensitivities.

Balayage • Ombre • Highlights

Using ammonia free lighteners, our team of professional hair stylists take pride in their balayage, ombré and highlighting techniques. Constantly educating ourselves with new trends and products that are natural and safe, we keep our client's health in mind while keeping up with modern times. 

Curly Cuts • Women Cuts • Men Cuts

At Fos Living we specialize in women's and men's haircuts, short, long, curly and straight. All hair appointments begin with a personalized consultation. Relax into our clean-air environment as our friendly and caring staff of licensed professionals  pamper you throughout your shampoo, cut, and styling processes.

Hair Smoothing Treatment

 "Smooth Rituals" is an exclusive service we provide of restorative keratin, amino acids and jojoba oil free from formaldehyde and parabens used to calm frizz and soften texture, creating smooth, manageable hair.

Up-Dos • Styling • Blowouts

Here at Fos Living we enjoy creating up-dos or styles suited for any and all occasions. We use sea salt sprays that mimic conventional hair sprays and organic serums to give a beautiful shine to the hair when finished. 

Scalp Treatment and massage

We highly recommend scalp treatments for all hair types. Our main focus with this service is to relax our clients. With the pads of our fingertips, we gently massage and stimulate the scalp using warm organic oils.