Hope, Jeanie and Anthippi are formerly of Omorphy Salon.  In 1982, we were the first Organic Beauty Center and Salon on Long Island. We introduced products by AVEDA, Jurlique and Dr. Haushka. Our progressive salon was offering aromatherapy, hydrotherapy massage, and Shiatsu. Our mother, Anthippi, was always our inspiration for being honest and true in the beauty field. We continue to do research in this field and use the best products we can find.  We have also created our own line under the FOS ORGANICS, FOS COSMETICS, FOS JEWELRY labels. There are a lot of gimmicks out there, even in the organic industry.  With years of experience we have been able to maintain a truly wholesome and organic beauty business informing women, men and children about organic living.

   A Greek philosopher, Epicurus, helped to inspire Hope and Jeanie to create FOS LIVING. Epicurus believed people should remain creative, curious and relentlessly in search of wisdom. In order to share information on health and beauty, we created a community in our eco salon spa and store to inspire people to network and learn from one another. One thing we learned is that not all green, natural and organic products are created equal. My sister and I bring our customers only the best hair, skin, body care, health products and service ideas from around the world. Recent research suggests that the average woman, man and child are exposed to over 3000 chemicals before leaving their homes in the morning. Our livers are designed to process one thing at a time. While trying to render these environmental chemicals harmless, the liver stops working on digestion and assimilation of foods. It's probably one of the main reasons people are aging so quickly.  

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